Music especially for children and young people

Art Work

Heather still manages to find time to continue her childhood passion for art and 'Cherry Pie Art Studios' & 'Garage Art Workshops'  were established in 2018.  Painting workshops run throughout the summer months. Read more >>

Heather Hammond

Composer and Teacher

Heather Hammond is a prolific and immensely popular composer. Heather studied piano and clarinet at Leeds College of Music and also plays saxophone & flute. Most of her time nowadays is divided between teaching the piano and writing educational music. There are many books available of Heather’s popular music for young instrumentalists. These include collections for piano, clarinet, saxophone and flute at various grades.

Music Books

The first books that Heather had published were the six "Cool Piano" books back in 2003.  The pieces were originally written as fun pieces for her pupils to play and Heather never  thought about getting them published whilst she was writing them! Read more >>

Piano Lessons in York

Heather has a busy piano teaching practice in York and believes strongly that, from an early age, children should have fun with music and experience modern styles alongside the more traditional material. Read more >>

Piano Lessons for Adults

It's never too late to learn to play nor it it too late to brush-up the piano playing stills learnt in childhood.