Fill your life with Fun!

Please email if you're interested in buying any of the fun, funky artwork shown here

Musical Notes

D ring added on back of each to attach to wall.
D ring added on back of each to attach to wall.

Musical Notes to hang on your wall | Acrylic paint on wood | Notes measure approx 6" x 5"|£10 each which includes p&p (UK only). Please state which no. you'd like. Please note nos. 7, 10, 11, 14 & 18 no longer available. 


Mugs and Coasters

Making tea & coffee time more interesting!


Tack the Frog

Sunny Day

4 Zebras

Gertrude the Giraffe

Cliffords Tower


Framed Piano Keys

'Kool Keys' - the ideal gift for piano players

'Kool Keys' framed piano keys | This orange framed one now sold | Can be made to order with specified colour frame | £40 incl. p&p (UK only)


Tilly the Toucan

Tilly the Toucan | Acrylic paint skins on wood | 10" x 8.5 approx |£10 incl p&p (UK only)


Holly The Hedgehog

Holly The Hedgehog | Acrylic Paint on Wood | £10 incl. p&p (UK only)


Finley and Phil The Funky Frogs

Finley and Phil The Funky Frogs | Acrylic Paint on Wood | 8" x 5" approx | £10 each incl.p&p (UK only)


Tommy The Tortoise

Tommy The Tortoise | 8" x 6.5" approx | Acrylic Paint on Wood | £12 incl p&p (UK only)


Jet the Cheeky Door Topper Cat

Acrylic paint on wood | £15 incl. p&p (UK only)